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To support our canine rehabilitation efforts, please contribute to our GoFundMe page. Thank you. 

Welcome to The Haus of Dogs (THoD)!  

We opened in December 2019 as one of only two dog cafes in the U.S.! 3 months into opening, Covid hit and we had to shut our doors. We reopened in December 2020 and have focused solely on rescue, foster and adoptions. 

THoD rescues dogs from shelters in the following states:

  • Louisiana

  • Texas

  • Washington 

Every adoptable dog is fully vetted, i.e.,

  • microchipped 

  • spayed/neutered

  • dewormed

  • current on Rabies, DAPP and Bordetella vaccines

  • ​​tested negative for heartworm

  • administered flea/tick/heartworm prevention medication



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