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Starting November 17th 2023, we will be offering holiday boarding services exclusively to our fosters and adopters. Alumni dogs benefit from being in a familiar environment with familiar faces, and our fosters' resident dogs will be doted upon just as much as they've loved on their foster dogs! :) Receive daily picture and video updates for your peace of mind.

Since we only board a handful of dogs at any given time, plenty of individual attention and affection are in order! Our play area allows for supervised playtime during the day, and activities include walks and car rides to coffee stands for yummy pup cups (with your consent)! Your furry friends will enjoy both socialization and exercise in a clean and cozy indoor facility amidst 24/7 camera surveillance and under the watchful eyes of our overnight staff
Heat or a/c is turned on as weather dictates.   

All dogs must be:

  • Assessed for behavior/temperament

  • Current on vaccinations (Rabies, DHPP/DAPP, Bordetella)

  • Free from fleas, ticks, and other communicable illnesses such as ringworm, Giardia, kennel cough etc.



Please note:

  • Unaltered dogs and those that are reactive to other dogs will enjoy individual playtime.

  • We are not able to accommodate dogs that are aggressive/reactive towards humans. 

  • Reservations can only be made once the dog's medical records have been emailed to, and confirmed for validity.



Items to bring:

  • Food

  • Collar + leash

  • Treats (optional)

  • Medication (if applicable)



Overnight Boarding Rates:

  • $60/dog/24 hours

      NO holiday rate hikes! 


*Please text/call 206.678.6264 to make a reservation

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Overnight Boarding

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