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The One That Started it All...
high kill shelter dog
First time meeting this adorable serial number at the shelter. 

The Haus of Dogs (THoD) was borne of an experience in 2012. Castle was my first rescue and came from a high-kill shelter in California that reeked of urine and chemicals, and made my head hurt. Rows upon rows of caged dogs barking frantically to be let out, tails wagging, paws clawing desperately at their cages, eyes begging me to set them free. 

These images never left me. In December 2019, after cutting through a ton of red tape to create a new business category, I was finally able to launch THoD, one of only two dog cafes in the US at that time.

3 months later, the global pandemic forced us to shut our doors. When we reopened in December of 2020, the cafe remained closed and we have focused solely on rescue and adoptions since then. We have exciting plans including adoption pop-up's, enrichment activities for the pups, events for the community, and much more!

To help us save lives, please consider being a short-term
foster. To support our life-saving work, please contribute to our GoFundMe page. 

In gratitude,
Aishah Hammock
Chief Executive Officer

2013-03-13 09.13.54 (1).JPG

September, 2011

IMG-1594 (1).jpg

November, 2015

July, 2013

IMG-1595 (1).jpg
IMG-6222 (1).jpg

September, 2018

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