Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you charge an entry fee to play with the dogs?

The entry fee you pay goes a LONG way in getting dogs out of frightening, stressful living conditions in   high-kill shelters and saving them from being euthanized. In short, you're helping us SAVE LIVES. 


Shelters in Seattle provide much more comfortable kennels for the dogs to live in. High-kill shelters are overwhelmed by massive numbers of stray dogs and owner surrenders. They lack the manpower to provide adequate care for these dogs. As a result, the dogs lie for hours in their kennel, next to their urine and feces, until a volunteer or staff member is able to hose down the excrement. There is constant barking and crying in the kennels. A common sight is dogs shivering in fear and anxiety, not knowing what is in store for them. Kennel stress can induce incessant chewing, excessive pulling on leashes, and even self-mutilation. 


Additionally, space is scarce. Hence, large numbers of healthy, non-aggressive dogs are euthanized simply because there is no one to care for them and no room to house them. According to, approximately 1.6 million shelter animals are euthanized annually. It is our mission to save as many lives as possible, but I am unable to do this without funds and support from my fellow Washingtonians. 

2. Can I bring my dogs to The Haus of Dogs?

We only permit entry to service animals (excluding emotional support animals) as defined by the American Disability Act. Introducing your pet to our resident dogs creates an unknown dynamic between your dogs and ours. Visiting us without your dogs will allow you to focus your attention and affection on dogs who are eager to receive love and who have left harsh living conditions to be here, interacting with you. There may, however, be occasional activities and events planned for you and your dogs, and our dogs will not be present during those times. 

3. Do you accept walk-ins?

Walk-ins are not currently accepted. Our goal is to accommodate walk-ins in the near future. 

4. I'm running late. What now?

Reservations start at the top of the hour. Guests who arrive past the top of the hour are welcome into the play area until the end of their allotted time. They will not have their play time prorated, nor receive a refund. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for a smooth check-in.


5. Why is there a maximum number of customers imposed per session?

Everything we do is with the dogs' welfare in mind. Restricting the number of customers per session ensures the dogs are not overstimulated and fatigued by their interactions with guests. 

6. Why are you closed for a couple hours during the day?

Again, this is done for the benefit of the dogs. A break allows them to unwind from interacting with guests. It also allows us to take them out for bathroom breaks to minimize indoor "accidents".


7. How many dogs can I expect to interact with?

There may be 6-10 dogs at any one time.

8. Why do you not sell food items for human consumption?

Dogs are allergic to various foods. For their safety, we do not allow food items to be consumed in our premises. 

9. Why do you not offer same-day adoptions?

Adoption is a HUGE commitment that spans well over a decade in most cases. It is not something to be done on a whim. Adopting a dog means caring for him in sickness and in health, 'til death do you part. A serious adopter understands that adoption should not be rushed and that there are several steps to completing the process. Impatient adopters tend to adopt impulsively and may regret their decisions afterward. Our process weeds out such possible scenarios.


10. Is The Haus of Dogs a dog cafe?

We avoid the term "dog cafe" as we neither have a designated food and beverage consumption area nor staff who prepares your consumables. There are canned/bottled beverages for purchase and these may be brought into the play area so you may consume them while interacting with the dogs. "Dog adoption lounge" more accurately describes our facility.

11. Do you accept gifts?

We very much appreciate gifts. Due to lack of physical space, monetary gifts are most helpful. 

12Why do you sell certain merchandise in-store while the rest are sold online?

Merchandise such as human apparel are printed only when ordered. As a small business, we do not have the space nor the resources to store apparel in bulk, on hand. We do have sample apparel in store so you may feel the fabric and see the sizing in person. We are happy to help you place orders for merchandise if you experience difficulty ordering them online. 

13. Do you ever collaborate with for-profit organizations or independent entrepreneurs? 

We LOVE supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs! We are currently looking for local artists/photographers who would like to have their work sold on a consignment basis at THoD. We would also like to get in touch with local photographers who are interested in volunteering their time capturing our adoptable dogs in action, to help increase their chances of getting adopted. Artistes (singers/musicians/stand-up comedians) are also on our list of folks to collaborate with! Please email if you are interested in paid/pro bono opportunities.