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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is your application form so long?!
We are contacted by potential adopters from all walks of life, some with ill intentions. We owe it to our voiceless furry companions to ensure they end up in a safe, stable, loving home. We do not share/sell your information to a 3rd party. Click to submit a foster or adoption application.

2. Why do I have to submit an application before meeting the dogs?
We receive numerous adoption inquiries for each dog. We do not have the time nor manpower to meet with each interested party. We only set up meet and greets with approved applicants. Click here to learn more about our adoption process. 

3. What are your hours?
We are open daily from 11AM-7PM, by appointment only, solely for meet and greets with approved adoption applicants. You can contact us via text, phone call, email, or send us a message on Facebook messenger or a direct message on Instagram. Click here for contact information. 

4. Do you accept donations?
Due to limited storage space, we are only accepting monetary gifts via GoFundMe, dry kibble and dog treats, or items on our wish list.
5. How can I help?
Like and share our posts. Be a foster. All our rescue dogs are in foster homes. Without fosters, we will not be able to rescue dogs from the euthanasia list. Learn more about our paid, short-term foster program here.

6. Do you take in owner surrenders?
No. Please contact the individual/organization you adopted/bought your dog from, or your local county shelter. 

7. Do you take in strays?
No. Please contact your local animal control department or county shelter.
8. Are your dogs house trained?
We will never tell you a dog is house trained, even if they may be. All dogs need a little time to learn their new potty/walk schedule, along with their new family's schedule. 

9. Are your dogs cat tested?
Most aren't. Even the ones that are listed as having done well in a home with cats, are not guaranteed to get along with yours. Every cat-dog interaction is different. 

10. Are you going to reopen the cafe? 
Not for the foreseeable future but we never say never. 


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