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Please note: Our dog cafe is still closed due to Covid-19. However, we have resumed dog adoptions. 
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Welcome to The Haus of Dogs (THoD)!  

Here's a summary of the who, how and what we do! To find out why and where it all began, click here.

The Process:

THoD works with various rescues and shelters to rescue dogs in high-kill shelters from euthanasia, simply due to scarcity of space and lack of resources. Upon completion of medical vetting that includes spay/neuter and microchipping, they undergo behavioral assessment with the help of shelter staff, veterinarians, adoption coordinators and foster parents. Dogs headed to THoD have to be human and canine-friendly to be a suitable fit for our cage-free environment. 

The Benefits to Canines:
Our cage-free environment allows the dogs to showcase their personality and our 50-minute play sessions provide ample time for them to bond with our guests and potential adopters in a cozy, homely setting. This increases their chances of finding a permanent home with a family whose lifestyle and personality truly matches theirs. 
A cage-free environment also provides the dogs with a higher level of socialization, making for a smoother transition to their permanent home, for both dog and adopter.

The Benefits to Humans:
Those who do not or cannot have dogs of their own are very much welcome at THoD. In fact, it is one of the reasons I founded THoD.  My dogs' companionship has a tremendous and positive effect on me, and has helped me through some very tough times. I would love to give those who do not have a dog of their own, the opportunity to experience the benefits of interacting with dogs. Conversely, current dog owners will enjoy the opportunity to interact with dogs of various breeds and love on them while they wait for their forever home.

Our Mission:
Through leading by example, we aim to raise awareness on the importance of incorporating safe, cage-free play time for dogs in shelters across America. I attended a hands-on weekend seminar conducted by Dogs Playing for Life at the beautiful Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center in Roseburg, OR, and was thrilled that such a remarkable organization shares my sentiment and trains shelter staff throughout America, on how to safely introduce shelter dogs with one another to enable off-leash play time. 
I look forward to meeting you and hope that you will join me in loving and liberating shelter dogs who have traveled a long way to Edmonds, in the hopes of starting a new and happier life. 

To warm homes for worn pups, 
Aishah Hammock + Haus, Castle, Dublin & Axl
CEO + mascots