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The Humans

A.K.A. The Team

Aishah Hammock, dog adoption North Seattle

Aishah Hammock

Chief Executive Officer

A Seattleite by way of Singapore and L.A., Aishah left her career in hotel management to launch a dog cafe. Due to the global pandemic, she had to pivot and decided to focus solely on dog rescue and adoption. The Haus of Dogs is an inclusive rescue that does not define a suitable home by its square footage. Her mission is for every responsible, willing and able human to be given a fair chance to have a companion animal, regardless of whether they rent or own their home, or live in an apartment instead of a house. She believes there is a right dog for every loving home.


Canine Specialist

Alex Bedard

Alex assists in caring for the dogs and supervising human-canine interaction during play sessions.   Her belief in our mission is only overshadowed by her care and compassion for the dogs in our care. With her organizational and problem-solving skills, The Haus is happy to call her family.

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