The Humans

A.K.A. The Team

Aishah Hammock, dog adoption North Seattle

Aishah Hammock

Chief Executive Officer

A Seattleite by way of Singapore and L.A., Aishah inherited her father's passion for business at an early age. Formerly in hotel management, she took the leap and launched The Haus of Dogs, a      long-time dream of hers. She strives to create a haven for both dogs and humans, where unconditional love is given and received. 

Her mission is for all shelters to incorporate cage-free play time for dogs and transform the dog adoption process across America into one that is more intimate, effective and stress-free for both adopter and canine.


Canine Specialist

Alex Bedard

Alex assists in caring for the dogs and supervising human-canine interaction during play sessions.   Her belief in our mission is only overshadowed by her care and compassion for the dogs in our care. With her organizational and problem-solving skills, The Haus is happy to call her family.