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Our daycare and overnight boarding services are exclusively offered to dogs that were adopted from us. Being with us allows them to be in a familiar environment with their former foster mamas! Plenty of individual attention, hugs and kisses are in order for this sweet reunion! Our play area will be open to them for safe and fun play time during the day. You'll know your pups will get the socialization and exercise they love! 
For overnight boarding, we recommend bringing their own food to avoid any stomach upset due to a change in diet but if you are unable to do so, we are happy to feed them the dry kibble we have. We are able to administer any supplements or medication they may be on but are unable to offer daycare or boarding services to dogs that have a contagious illness such as ringworm or kennel cough.

As a thank you for adopting from us, our rates are significantly lower than typical daycare and overnight boarding rates in Seattle and the greater Seattle area. Drop off your pups as early as 8A.M. and pick them up as late as 8P.M.!

Daycare Rates: 
$20/additional dog/day

Overnight Boarding Rates:

*Please call 206.678.6264 to make a reservation

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